Mandy Connell Trio - The Garden

The Garden, filmed by Agostino Soldati Films and recorded by Myles Mumford (Rolling Stock Records) on a mobile rig. The session resulted in a 5 track live EP (2017) called The Northcote Sessions. Thanks to to Enda Kenny and Julie Boffa for the use of their house and guitars. This song features mandy's Jack Spira Guitar. The Garden is written after coming home from a summer of music with Rob Moss and Kate Crowley, and is in part a response to their songs Marrar Moon and The Moon, the line "My shed in Brunswick Doesn't have a great view" is Kate's- a direct reference to her song Marrar Moon. The songs create a chain of inspiration and admiration between us all. 


Liz Stringer & Mandy Connell

Filmed by Agostino Soldati Films and Recorded by Mischa Herman. The songs are Liz's 'Keep Keeping On', 

Mandy's 'Bruises' and Neil Murray's 'Lights of Hay'. This link is a full episode of Connell's series, called An Otherwise Quiet Room. 

For more information check out 'Other Projects' on this site. The series is featured in a 62 page book, and can be ordered in download codes or on USB, or just viewed online for free. 


Mandy Connell Trio - Colourblind

Daylesford Cider Company. Ben Cooper on trumpet joined us for this tour.  Craig Kelly on Double Bass. This was a very relaxed gig, moved inside to avoid the intense heat of a 2018 January day. The song is about a couple who broke up but remained friends for some time. She was a photographer, and he a keen cook at home. After they broke up, he confessed that he's colourblind. He couldn't see what she was talking about when she asked for feedback on her images- he just got involved because he wanted her to feel supported. Filmed by Michael E Granat, who kindly drove from interstate to make the gig. 

The Maggie Darlings - Modern Love

Connell has two releases under her own name: Tall Tales and Pretty Colours (2011) The Northcote Sessions (2017). In 2017 she also released a collaborative record with Layla Fibbins and Alysia Manceau. For the album they called themselves the Maggie Darlings, each contributing 3 songs to the project recorded at Thity Mill Studios. In 2016 Connell released a full album with trad outfit Stray Hens, produced by Luke Plumb.